Horse Racing Tips

» When race watching, always check the 3rd horse in a handicap. This is used as the benchmark for the race by the Official Handicapper, and seldom goes up or down in the weights. So note any that finished close to the winner, but 2L or ahead of the rest of the field.

» When race watching, always look for 3rd place handicappers that finish close to the winner, but clear of the rest of the field. These are generally taken as the benchmark for the race, by the handicapper, and so do not usually go up or down in the weights.

» When opening an account to take advantage of a bookmakers free offer, you can open as many accounts as you wish, as long as you use a different credit card for each. Also, if you ever have an account closed, have a friend open one up with the same company. None of these actions are actually bookmaker friendly, but, like them, we must always look for an edge in our favour.

» When at the races, always remember when running around the ring to keep an eye on the Tote prices, there are a few occasions when you will get a better price, but most people forget to include this method.

» When selecting horses, you should only use your own judgement, and those of the one's you trust. However, you should always go through the form of every race before reading what the tipsters have to offer, as you will then have preferences set in your mind before you make your selection's and this often causes you to make the wrong decision. Go with what you decide first, then check the tipsters.
If you find you then fancy 2 horses, back them both, otherwise the one you drop will be the winner!

» When using daily newspapers to check for selections, remember that the majority of these people do not make money from betting, and also have to tip in every race. This means that apart from a few main races each day, they only briefly look at the race, and select what they think will win. No form check, or background information. They also have a low strike-rate over all, usually less than 20%.

» When looking at a race of 8 runners+ and the 3rd favourite is more than 10/1. It is worth ignoring the first 2 in the betting and going through the form of the others as though it was a new race. This way, you can usually notice if there is a good e/w chance or not. At these price it is usually best going place only with the Tote.

» This is the time of year you can make a killing, especially from fiillies. Horses improving can often run up a sequence, as they mature. Fillies on ground that has give in it, that show improved form, usually continue to improve. Basically any fillies that have won there last 2 races, or have improved form should be followed unitl beaten, as this can prove profitable.

» Backing the outsider of 3 is a myth. Less than 20% in any given season, and you can use this to your advantage by laying the outsider in every race of 3 runners. This will guarantee long-term profits. ODDS-ON HORSES - There are a number of punters that consider odd-on betting a no-no, as they seem to believe this is not value! This is due to them looking for that big priced winner, even at the price of ignoring a winner. You will find that the majority of these people will struggle to break even, let alone make a profit.

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